Ampersand GT - Scott Bellware



Leadership in software process, architecture, design, and management, with expertise in all aspects of software development and delivery.


Coaching and Training

Whether you need long term, on-project guidance for your team, or a specific training program designed to jumpstart a new initiative, coaching and training can help you level up. Coaching gives your staff to work one-on-one with expert software technologists and learn how they work, and training provides the basis to go forward with more confidence and fewer mistakes and rework. Training and coaching can be done on-site or remotely, covering all aspects of software development and delivery.

Architecture and Design

We bring to bear a strong focus on service-orientation, microservices, autonomous services, event sourcing and event stream storage, as well as considerable experience with common web MVC frameworks and databases. Whether we're design a solution for you that we will build, or providing architectural and design oversight and guidance for your team, can can help you get on the right path and stay on it through the entire lifecycle of your product.

Development and Delivery

Working independently, or collaborating with your team, developing and delivering your product is where we excel. Our network of software builders brings decades of experience in high-productivity techniques, including TDD, XP, Agile, and Lean, and capabilities in all aspects of software delivery, including development, QA, UI, service architecture, project management, dev ops, and virtually every role in a software organization.

Project Rescue and Remediation

Despite good ideas, good teams, good processes, good tools, and good management, sometimes projects don't live up to their promise. Working with executives and technologists alike, projects are restored through the judicious application of design, process, and architecture, and supported with training and coaching.

Due Diligence and Strategic

As you prepare to adopt a new technology or acquire a complimentary company, due diligence on the technology or the incoming team can tell you whether it will help you reach your intended goals. A due diligence assessment can help you reaffirm your plans, identity icebergs hidden beneath the surface, and understand the on-going costs of an acquisition beyond the initial sticker price.