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GORUCO 2018: Evented Autonomous Services in Ruby.

Scott Bellware and Nathan Ladd discuss a microservices approach to software architecture using event sourcing. Recorded at VanRuby.

Explore DDD 2017 - The Aggregate, The Cohesion, And The Cargo Cult. Scott and Nathan debunk one of the most common anti-patterns event-sourced systems: The Aggregate Class pattern.

TDD in Tatters. TDD has been tattered, torn, twisted, stood on its head, and pounded into an pulp of techno-fetishism. TDD was a game-changer, but the focus in the interceding years has shifted from technique to tools, and TDD has been devolving into a lost art. Recorded at Lone Star Ruby Conference.

The Purpose of Perfection. Recorded at Much Ado About Agile.

Bob Martin, Scott Bellware and Diana Larsen. Oredev Panel Debate.

Bob Martin, Scott Bellware and Diana Larsen. Oredev Panel Debate.

The Inflection Point - How Long can you Safely Avoid Automated Tests. From the Agile Vancouver "Much Ado About Agile VI" conference in Vancouver, BC on October 25th, 2011.

Kaizen is the unstated, ever-present cornerstone of Agile Development, but it's if often seen as distant and abstract thing rather than one of the tangible Agile practices.

Interview with Scott Bellware taken by Agile42 at the 2011 Much Ado About Agile VI Conference.

The Myth of Developer Productivity. Most uses of the term "Developer Productivity" really refer to "Developer Efficiency" and obscure meaningful and actionable understandings of "Productivity". Recorded at NDC in Oslo.

This interactive whiteboard session introduces kanban and contrasts it with the common agile project management practices. Recorded at Oredev.

Behavior Driven Development is "Test–Driven Development done right", but in practice, it often ends up being the same old Test–Driven development done with new tools and more verbose test names.

This session demonstrates the use of application models in test development. Starting from a typical test script generated by the Selenium IDE, about building toward interaction abstractions. Recorded at Oredev.