Ampersand GT - Scott Bellware


Relentless Improvement for Software Development

It's about being better. It's about finding what's in the way of being better and eliminating it.


Hi. I'm Scott Bellware.

I'm a software professional with 25 years of industry experience. I've been hands-on in virtually every role in a software organization from developer, to QA, to product manager, to CTO. I'm as comfortable in leadership roles as I am in front of a code editor, and I support and consult to my customers at every level.

My approach to software is steeped in lean methodologies and kaizen. I address software productivity problems fundamentally as software design and software process problems that get in the way of making progress. I have considerable experience in software testing as well as software design, architecture, and process, as well as team culture and organization. I consider the teaching of software principles as a critical responsibility and a key way for teams to breach the impediments and limits that they're facing. Continuity is everything. I'm an asker of hard questions and a pursuer of root causes.

I'm a contributor to the Eventide toolkit for event-sourced autonomous services, and a champion and advocate for open source.

I'm based in Austin, TX.



Capital One, Microsoft, Rackspace, Baker-Hughes, Zep Manufacturing, Chevron, Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, Mexican Trade Delegation to Canada, VersionOne, (XO Group), projekt202, Environmental Resource Management, McLane Advanced Technologies, Harte-Hanks, The Advisory Board, Pluck, ThunderTix, Learning List, Clutch Analytics, Minggl



Retail, Finance, Social Media, User Experience, Manufacturing, Data Center and Cloud Operations, Military and Law Enforcement Investigation and Intelligence, CRM, Direct Marketing, Call Center, Accounting, Education, Event Management, Knowledge Management, Software Services, Consulting


Community Engagement and Leadership

Austin Ruby Study Group Meetup Founder, Ruby Microservices Meetup Founder, Distributed Systems Enthusiasts Meetup Founder, Lean Software Austin Meetup Founder, ALT.NET Conference Organizer, KaizenConf Conference Organizer, Monospace Conference Organizer, DevTeach Conference Agile Track Chair. InnoTech Software Development Track Chair, International .NET Association Committee Chair, AgileATX Founder, Agile Austin Co-Founder, Austin .NET User Group Co-Founder

Experienced public speaker at industry conferences and professional groups in the US, Canada, and Europe


Conferences and Public Speaking

Oredev, Explore DDD, GoRuCo, Much Ado About Agile, Norwegian Developer Conference, Lone Star Ruby Conference, DevTeach, Stockholm Developer Days, VSLive, Polyglot Conf, ALT .NET Conf, Kaizen Conf, and numerous professional groups and meetups in the US, Canada, and Europe.